Centre d’information
touristique d’Alytus

S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno g. 1,
LT-62137, ALYTUS
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VI - VIII mois
I - V 9.00 - 18.00
VI 9.00 - 15.00
VII 10.00 - 15.00
IX - V mois
I-IV 8.00 - 17.00
V 8.00 - 16.00


Centre sportif et récréatif d’Alytus

Alytus Sport and Recreation Center - a multifunctional entertainment and sport complex, so far the only in the country where under one roof fits the sports complex and international standards' pool.
Alytus Sport Palace was opened in 1977.

In the palace was made important reconstruction. Renewed hall, where one of the stages of 2011 European Men's Basketball Championship took place. In the hall is 5 thousand seats.




Swimming pool. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus.

Swimming pool is 50 metres long and has 8 swimming lanes. There are sportsmen’ dressing rooms (there are mirrors, hair- dryers, scales). Also there are the audience stands, complex of baths (steam room, infrared sauna and sauna). The swimming pool has certificate showing its international standarts.


Sports and cultural events hall. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus. 

The hall is after renovation and has 5000 seats. There can be organized activities of basketball, handball, football hall or other sports.

Weightlifting hall. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus.


Martial arts hall. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus.


Shooting range for pneumatic weapon. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus. 

There are 18 windows, electronic points counting.


Indoor mini track and field hall. Address: Naujoji st. 52, Alytus. 

In the hall is a non-standard 160-meter running track, jump sector, tennis courts.


A. Matutis Sports Base. Address: A. Matučio st. 14, Alytus.

Premises/courts:  volleyball hall, artificial surface illuminated football pitch (30x40 m).


Boxing hall. Address: A. Matučio st. 14, Alytus.


Judo hall. Address: A. Matučio st. 14, Alytus. 

This hall is one of the largest in the country. There are three tatami. Also there are cloakroom and shower cabins.


Alytus Sports and Recreation Centre's Stadium. Address: Birutės st. 5, Alytus. 

Reconstructed Alytus city stadium, renewed tennis court. The stadium have two tribunes. In east tribune is 1740, in west  - 1986. There are household premises , 4 tennis courts, football pitch, athletics tracks and sectors. The stadium is surrounded by a fence.


Alytus Sport and Recreation Center's presentation.

Adresse: Naujoji g. 52, Alytus
Téléphone +370 315 37 622