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2017-03-02 - Alytus Land Culinary Heritage and Crafts

Alytus Land is famous not only for its glorious past, but also for its Dzukian dishes and crafts.

Potato loaves in Punia
In a cottage of a Punia resident, a dzukas of Panemunė region, with restored living conditions of dzukai at the end of the 19th century, a presentation of preparing Dzukian authentic potato loaves (bandos),  whole grain pancakes (razavi blynai), fast day food and customs related to Advent and Lent periods. Potato loaves are made from grinned raw potato mass that is spread on cabbage leaves and loaded into a traditional bread oven. They are served with dressing (darycinis) that is prepared from homemade cottage cheese and cream. Visitors themselves make wholegrain pancakes from whole-meal flour that is stone-ground.
Dzukian potato loaves from Punia are among the top-10 of EDEN project “Lithuanian destination of excellence 2015. Tourism and local gastronomy.”
Kauno str. 3, Punia, Alytaus District, phone: +370 611 45 791

Dzukian food and crafts in Pivašiūnai
At Pivašiūnai Crafts Centre, a visitor will be offered an opportunity to form and bake himself/herself a small loaf of bread in a preheated bread oven, to churn up butter by using a Dzukian churn dash (buikelė), and taste it spread on freshly baked bread. Those who wish to learn what Dzukian taste is have an opportunity to prepare themselves potato loaves, buckwheat pies, cakes, dumplings, and small Christmas bite-sized hard biscuits (kūčiukai).
Fans of old traditional crafts and trades will have their chance too. They will be shown how to carve wood, make pottery, felt boots, weave various articles from withy or Dzukian baskets (kašikai), make candles and knit wool gloves and socks using patterns.
At a small souvenir shop, even the most demanding will find a lovely handmade item to buy.
Working hours:  II–IV 9.00 am – 6.00 pm, V–VI 9.00 am – 3.00 pm
Trakų str. 33, Pivašiūnai, Alytus District, phone: +370 699 94 982

Bread road in Alovė
In Alovė Crafts Backyard, “Susiedai”, a public organisation of the neighbourhood offers a spectacular educational programme “The Road of Bread to the Table“. It takes place in an authentically reconstructed peasant cottage of the 19th century in the region. Participants can form themselves small loaves of bread from kneaded dough, bake them and take with themselves.
The bread baking is not the only tradition upheld by the Crafts Backyard. One can also learn there to prepare and bake Dzukian potato loaves, weave a basket, carve wood, and make felt boots or candles.
Mokyklos str. 5, Alovė, Alytaus District, phone: +370 678 34 109

Beekeeping educational courses
Rural tourism homestead “Avilys” hosts beekeeping educational courses during which participants can harvest honey, make candles, taste honey cake, learn about beekeeping practices and tools, bee’s products.
Farmstead “Avilys”, Naujakurių str. 4, Radžiūnai Vilage, Alytus Neighbourhood, Alytus District, phone: +370 611 24 692, +370 611 24 693

Fish stew in Daugai
In the Crafts Backyard of a communal public organisation “Daugų Kraštas” of Daugai township surrounded by Lake Didžiulis, visitors are taught to prepare fish stew, bake a buckwheat pie, weave a basket, secrets of decoupage technique and painting on silk.
Pergalės str. 2, Daugai, Alytus District, phone: +370 682 51 780

Sea buckthorn berries – amber berries, are more than food. They are cure!
Organic Sea Buckthorn Farm “Gintarinė Uoga” organizes educational programmes to teach about sea buckthorn berries that remind of small pieces of amber, how they can help to rejuvenate human organism, boost your immune system, and fight serious health problems. During classes, one cannot only taste but also to buy healthy organic products such as   gummy candies, cakes, muffins, kvass, juices, preserves, and tea.
Domantonių str. 17, Venciūnai Village, Alovė Neighbourhood, Alytaus District, phone: +370 626 44 522, http://gintarineuoga.lt

Granny cake in Kančėnai
During educational courses organized by rural community “Dėmesio Centras” from Kančėnai village, one can participate in making a potato pudding (kugelis), grandma’s pie, fermenting kvass, dying Easter eggs by using organic materials, felting various articles from wool, and learn pottery-making secrets.
Mokyklos str. 6, Kančėnai Village, Daugai Neighbourhood, Alytaus District, phone: +370 698 40 768

From sowing buckwheat to a buckwheat pie
Buckwheat was very important to Lithuania’s people from very old times. Grown in low-fertility sandy soils of Dzūkija, they were used not only for food, but also for medical purposes. During a visit to the Alytus Museum of Ethnography, one can learn how to make a buckwheat pie (babka), get information about growing buckwheat and their medicinal properties.
Working hours: II–IV 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, V 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
Savanorių str. 6, Alytus, phone : +370 607 81 825, www.alytausmuziejus.lt

Noble bubbles

Founded more than 50 years ago after making its first fruit wine, the Alita factory continues to bring notice to the town of Alytus with its excellent natural-fermentation sparkling wines and high-quality brandy and bottled cocktails.

During a tour around Alita you will learn how sparkling wine and spirits are born, have a unique possibility to watch different production process fazes, learn about the origin of grapes used to produce sparkling wines. In addition, during drink tasting session, you will hear the history, geographic origin, and production technology and usage traditions of every drink you are to taste.
Miškininkų str. 17, Alytus, phone: +370 682 68 967, www.alita.lt