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2017-03-02 - Adventure Park “Tarzanija”

The adventure park "Tarzanija" that is situated on a spectacular bank of the Nemunas River can offer entertainment along 7 various difficulty level tracks built in trees (there is a track for small kids from the age of 3 to 7 years old, either), experience free fall from Death Precipice, cross the Nemunas River harnessed to a zip-line, outrun the wind when riding a roller coaster, or go on a raft trip in the Nemunas River. The pride of the park is the only Skiddy kart track in Eastern Europe. The park has a number of various education programs. One can take a horse or a pony ride and take photos with them. One can also find there a shooting-range, mobile bathhouse, pizzeria, the big and small arbours, a room for conferences and parties. Farmstead “Dzūkijos Dvaras” near the park offers Dzukian type food and an overnight stay. Visitors may agree in advance about staying overnight in their own tents.


Radžiūnų str. 33, Radžiūnai Village, Alytus Neighbourhood, Alytus District, phone: +370 671 80 500, www.tarzanija.lt, www.dzukijosdvaras.lt