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2017-03-02 - Active Tourism in Alytus

Alytus is known as one of the active tourism attraction centers of Lithuania. There you can try flightseeing, go for a swim in one of the most modern swimming pools of Lithuania or go for a bicycle ride along the town.


The spanless panorama of Alytus Land can be admired from the air.

Alytus Aero Club offers acrobatic flights by airplanes, sightseeing-recreational tours by airplanes and gliders, as well as pilot training courses.
Miškininkų str. 3, Alytus, phone: +370 687 32 889, www.aeroalytus.lt
Hot air balloon clubs from Alytus Land also offers spectacular flights over the region.
Balloon Club “Audenis”
Strielčių str. 30, Strielčiai Village, Punia Neighbourhood, Alytus District, phone: +370 677 79 918, www.ballooninggoods.lt
Nemunaitis Balloon Club
Sodžiaus str. 9, Nemunaitis Village, Alytus Neighbourhood, Alytus District, phone: +370 650 56 489, www.orobalionai.lt
Pocelonys Balloon Club
Mokyklos str. 11, Pocelonys Village, Daugai Neighbourhood, Alytus District, phone: +370 615 70 543, www.oro-balionas.lt


A swimming pool that Olympic champion Ruta Meilutytė used to train in. Alytus Sports and Recreation Centre is the only one multifunctional entertainment and sports complex that hosts a number of sports facilities and a 50 m in length 8 lanes Olympic-size swimming pool under the same roof. The pool is used for various international swimming, pentathlon, water-polo events, training by athletes from Alytus and other countries, city residents and visitors. A modern bathhouse complex has been built next to the swimming pool. Ruta Meilutytė, the Lithuanian Olympic gold winner used the pool as her training facility for some time. Nearby is a sports arena that may host up to 5 thousand people. A city stadium with renovated football field cover, lanes for track and field athletics, and up-to-date tennis courts can also be found in the Sports and Recreation Centre.
Naujoji str. 52, Alytus, phone: +370 315 37 622, www.asrc.lt


Fans of active recreation can use bicycle paths built through the whole town and on the bank of The Nemunas River. Riding through the town and along the banks of Nemunas, you can enjoy the nature, the flow of the river and see the still standing objects from the past.